Vanilla audio to custom door

To add vanilla sound to your custom door you need to create dat151.rel file.
Use template for it if you want.
It will looks like this:

To generate hash use in CodeWalker JenkGen... - its under Tools:
This sound will not work for all types of doors! Setting from template is for normal doors (pushed by player).
Explanation >here<

To use different sounds for different types of doors (way of opening) you need to change these values:
Into one of these: >LINK<

Now save your xml file as your_name_game.dat151.rel.xml
Then import it into your DLC using RPF explorer in CodeWalker:
You need also entries in content.xml but link to file is not like your_name_game.dat151.rel but your_name_game.dat

How to find vanilla sound setting in game.dat151.rel

To use sound from specified vanilla door in your custom door you need first to export game.dat151.rel into xml using CodeWalker:
For example you want to use sound from v_ilev_cd_secdoor.ydr for your custom door.
First make sure your custom doors got same way of opening like vanilla door then open exported xml file in notepad and search for v_ilev_cd_secdoor
Then copy value from Hash1 and search again.
(Hash1 is for d_v_ilev_cd_secdoor)
And copy above values (inside red rectangle) into your custom rel file.

Custom audio to custom door (WIP) [explanation of data conections in rel files]

This section i will update in future. For now i will leave explanation:

On example v_ilev_carmod3door.ydr


<Item type="Door" ntOffset="176558">
<Name>hash_75C294E2</Name> ``d_v_ilev_carmod3door``
<Unk0 value="0x0CA57A12" /> ``this refers to .dat54.rel where are settings for type of opening door`` <AudioTrack0>hash_26F74E7D</AudioTrack0> ``this refers to .dat151.rel (sound settings?)``
<Unk1 value="0.7" />


<Item type="Unk48" ntOffset="178363">
<Flags value="0xAAAAAAA8" />
<Unk01 value="0.95" />
<Unk02 />
<Unk03 value="0.05" />
<Unk04 value="0.05" />
<Unk05 value="1" />
<Unk06 value="0.0001" />
<Unk07 value="0.003" />
<Unk08 value="2" />
Here are defined sounds for ways how open doors. Ways are defined under ScriptName. (Doors with other way of opening than this (garage) got different set of ScriptName and this causes that sounds dont work in all types of doors)
<Item type="SoundSet">
<Flags value="0xAAAAAAAA" />
<SoundName>hash_3E51C3A0</SoundName> related to audio setting
<SoundName>hash_F01A8A49</SoundName> related to audio setting
<SoundName>hash_BDBFEFAA</SoundName>  related to audio setting
<SoundName>hash_BDBFEFAA</SoundName> related to audio setting

<Item type="WrapperSound">
<Flags value="0x00609010" />
<Unk04 value="100" />
<Unk10 value="30" />
<Unk18 value="250" />
<Unk19 value="10" />
<AudioHash0>hash_645B4D6E</AudioHash0> this refers to settings wheres audio input is
<FrameStartTime value="0" />
<AudioHash1 />
<FrameTimeInterval value="0" />
<Variables />
<Item>hash_645B4D6E</Item> this refers to settings wheres audio input is
<Item />
<Item type="SimpleSound">
<Flags value="0x00000000" />
<ContainerName>resident/doors</ContainerName> ``refers to location of .awc file in sfx folder`` <FileName>hash_85EF2CC4</FileName> ``name of audio inside .awc``
<WaveSlotNum value="0" />