Mods and tutorials for GTAV

GTAV map modding

by dekurwinator

Map tutorials

I will share all my personal findings and research here and post few tutos to help others in modding. There will be DLCs templates too.

all mods created by me

Here will be all my mods made by me released to public and maybe i will publish few unreleased ones.


All my mods are FREE,
I dont make paid mods.

Some assets used in my mods are downloaded from websites with free 3d models,
If you are owner of any object contact with me - i will add credits or remove it.

Now im working on North Yankton DLC update - i plan to release it this year X-mas.

There will be update for Race Map Pack too TBA
(New tracks with enable/disable option and teleportation to each track, old ones will be remade)

In the next year will be announced Provenance Island and other project.

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